About Us

Yes, it's a very complicated story about our relationship. We originally set up this website

in 1999 not only as a celebration (and miracle!) of us getting together after a trail of

divorce but also so that our extended family would have a great family record of history and

photographs. By far the majority of our visitors are from overseas - Welcome !

Deborah and I (John) met in December 1992. At that time I was living in Auckland in a small flat in Takapuna and to a large extent, very much missing my children. After being made redundant from my job as a trade union legal officer I'd just started my own employment law firm and the work was starting to pile in. A Christian I was not. On the other hand, back in 1992 Deborah was living in Otaki, a small town about an hour's drive north of Wellington, our capital city. In other words, there was about 500km between us. Those first months after we met were very difficult indeed as we missed each other incredibly. Every second week I'd drive down to Otaki to be with her. The following week she'd drive all the way up to Auckland to be with me. Back then, Deborah had three of her children living with her.

We very soon got sick of the huge driving feats and then there was the fact that we really missed each other. We decided there and then and after  just two and a half months to make a go of things. One weekend in January 1993 Deborah came up to Auckland and we looked for a house that would not only be suitable for Deborah and the two of her girls who were coming up, but also my 3 children every second weekend. Talk about "Yours, Mine and Ours"!

We found a great home in Glenfield which had two levels, 4 bedrooms and a swimming pool and in we all piled. Did things go well from that point onward? Heck, no! Deborah and I got on wonderfully. After all, we were in love. The real fun started every second weekend when my 3 children visited. Talk about sibling rivalry! I very quickly developed strong fatherly bonds with Deborah's girls and my own children very quickly saw this. Similarly, the situation was also there in reverse. From my perspective it was like being the meat in the sandwich. For quite a while there it put a very real strain on our relationship. Over time however, things really improved. My own children started to blend in and we just tended to get on with life.

Deborah and I were married at Glenfield Baptist Church on 6th May 1994 and we've never looked back. Our relationship has developed and flourished although not without the occasional bumps along the way. Apart from me working for another employment law firm for about a year, Deborah and I ran our own firm for about 9 years and it developed into a well-known and respected business amongst the legal fraternity. Deborah's career flourished as she entered into the realm of market research and call centre management. As for today, we're both now retired and live in Te Aroha in New Zealand. Deb's passion is her genealogy work and mine is being involved in local amateur theatre and managing two radio stations, namely Sleep Radio (a radio station that helps people sleep) and Positively Te Aroha, our local community radio station on 88FM.

As for our children and our children's children, that's another story.

The video below is a four minute advertisement about the beautiful town in which we live - Te Aroha.